So about several million years illbebackinaflash requested GuyHal at the bar which sparked something off inside my head. So about two months later instead of the smutty drabble they probably wanted here is a lot of angst with some (poorly written - I don’t write smut that much) sex at the end. Sorry. This is largely inspired by the song “Keep Yourself Warm” by Frightened Rabbits

Back when Guy was a teacher, he’d worked in a lot of rough places. Sometimes the kids would have to be moved away from the windows or taken early out of break to stop them seeing something going on outside the gates. Seven’s too young to see chalk lines on the pavement, let alone what they’re drawn around. So he’d invented a game for the kids called “Eyes Straight Ahead”. The rules of the game were pretty simple – everyone in the class would stare straight ahead at him as hard as they could, and he only thing that made it a game was the prize of a lollipop from his desk draw. He can still picture their faces – eyes squinted up from the enthusiasm with which  they stared, trusting in the idea that an adult could make the world safe and ok.

This is the game he thinks of as he stares at his blurry reflection in the bar top. It’s the same game he’s played with himself every night for a week. People always accuse him of being childish, so he here is using child logic – if he can’t see Hal position the girl under him the same way she’s positioning her pool cue to take a shot, it doesn’t exist.

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There is nothing left of me. Only pain.