I always wonder how many times Travis Willingham had to practice before he was able to rap the whole thing without dying of laughter.

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huy in medevial AU, or bull/dorian in modern AU, or halsinestro illegal street races AU, or kylekorr circus AU, or all of the above because why the hell not


There was no armour capable of holding the masculine, giantic body of pagan Vul Darr, however sir Harold wouldn’t bother the blacksmiths with forging such expensive piece of equipment for merely dog-like, savage beeing Gar’Dnarr was.

Emerald Knight watched the Warrior of Red Tribe being tied back, after failed attempt of putting a chestplate on his humongous posture, breaking five plates in a row with nothing by bare tension of muscles.

Harold massaged his forehead with fingers, not that he minded having the barbarian filth running naked, tied to battlehorse, yet other…unnaturaly HUGE features of tatooed pagan’s physgionomy seemed a little…overdistracting.  


Dorian Pavus was a great illusionist, worldwidly knew from his disguising, magical transformations and tricks, however even his magic couldn’t hide the brand new air conditioning features his oversized lover accidantaly donated to their car.

Nothing like a pair of big ass horns, he tought as he stood stunned in front of his only two week old Jaguar, filled with mass of muscles shouting to heavens for a savior from disgraceful situation, while being impaled by exact same beeing’s horns. 

And he wondered, oh he wondered dearly, if the Qunari minority ambasade provides refundated insurance for additional horn damage. 


As cocky as the racing rookie was, Thaal had to admit that this son of a bitch had talent, well at least talent than brains for sure.

He watched Hal Jordan’s bike sliding between narrowly placed obstacles, passing every single, suburbian checkpoint boss ‘Wogg invented for this particular event, hoping with bitterness for former Air Force to make just one mistake.

Not that he wished him an accident, there was something else, excerpt jealousy of skill, because Sinestro had it more than half of illegal racer wannabes, but more of realisation that despite disgustingly irritating behavior of Green Racer 2814, Korugarian Devil held respect and…possibly a bit of fascination deep inside his soul. 


The most important part in trapese evolutions is not the skill, nor the beauty of performers but mutual trust, so strong you are able to entrust your life, hanged in timeless moment of flight, into your partner’s hands.

Kyle feels like flying at the moment, even though he’s standing feet on the ground in the rain of rose petals thrown from grande finale baloon at the top of circus tent, hand in hand with his partner and boyfriend John, bowing to the spectators with with wide, charming smile. 

There is no better feeling, than mix of adrenaline and joy, caused by extreme tricks performed in front of breathtaken viewers, and confidence that the hand you’re holding uphigh is always there, to take you higher than anyone as you both become free as birds, bound by winged dance in colorful, circus sky.

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GuyHal, single dads au

"She’s so beautiful Guy, look at her." Brunet’s head lands softly on his husband’s arm, as they sit on the edge of sleeping Helen’s bed.

Their fingers tangle gently together and both of them feel like there’s no better moment then this, watching Hal’s niece, and their freshly adopted daughter, wandering in the dreamworld with plushie version of ” uncle big-beary ‘wogg”. 

Guy nods, kissing Jordan’s cheek sweetly, while his heart fills with warm feeling of peace and satisfaction, making the realisation of fact, that they made the best decision there could be, even stronger than before. 

fallacyfinale asked:

HalSinestro, Sinestro randomly stalks Hal

It’s not very dignified for someone as proud as Thaal Sinestro, stalking one of his best students after the training routine. It is also not very healthy to obsessively watch his DAILY routine, from safe distance of course. Red skinned alien flows few buildings from rookie headquaters. Hard to admit as it is, human caught his attention since very first day, mostly because of undisciplined, reckless attitude and yet, fascinating amount of willpower.
Sinestro crosses his arms, finger gently swirls characteristic moustache. Jordan liked to call them “de la Vegas”, unfortuantely alien wasn’t familiar with earthling’s reference.However, watching man undressing himself by rtg’ing wall with ring’s radiation didn’t really count as menthoring research. Sinestro won’t admit, but human phygsiognomy fascinated him, especially the temperature difference and hn…external shaping? Yes, that was a very good choice of words, not that he pretended to cover rising arousal.

It’s not wise to fall for rookies, he thinks as he zooms to (of course just incase) have a better look on naked earthling.

His heart stops when Jordan turns right face to the “camera eye”. Deep, brown eyes sparkle with somewhat playful joy. Cold sweat runs down Sinestro’s spine. Jordan knows he’s being watched but suprisingly…doesn’t mind it at all. What’s even more surprising (and disturbing), earthling seems to enjoy it.

Thaal watches young man touching himself slowly, long fingers travel through the estheticaly pleasant curves of his abs, lower and lower, stroking the genital between (oh Gods forgive him) the longest, most perfectly shaped legs alien had seen in his space cop career. Hypnotised by the view, he cannot take his eyes away from Hal, getting all wet under the steamy shower. Jordan looks him in the eye, as he bites lips seducively. Pair of pale hips keeps pounding against fingers, currently wrapped around something that Sinestro’s mind defines as erection. The harder Thaal tries to look away, the harder his own penis gets. 

Earthling smiles, breathing heavily. Man’s lips move in the same manner since very beginning.

"I’m waiting"

And Sinestro knew, he’s going to regret it tomorrow.