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Yeah- that’s why the internet can be good- to find people online to fill your feels needs. IRL people are much better though… IF it’s comic feels, maybe get them to read your comics? I did that with my friends with Kyle :)

*laugs* This is exactly what I did to qualifiction and look at her now, she’s bashing and dashing in GL fandom like a boss <3 *single manly tear falls down* My boyfriend is also a bit of comicbook reader, tho he’s much more picky about stuff he reads (NOT BATMAN? NOT COOL XD)

Anyway, yeah it worked on some of really great  people I know and they also shared their lovestuff with me so we are balanced and satisfied :D

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OMG YES. I got this with my parents. They really didn’t care about anything I did unless it entertained them and would go on for hours about their stuff and how their friends are all dying of cancer and urgh T.T I totally hear ya :(  

My mom is great listener, but sometimes I just can’t get through to my friends. Some people just give me “the look” like “why do you even talk about it” and I don’t see the point in talking to the wall so I’d rather not speak at all. =_= *hugs*